Sponsored Enrichment

The Sponsored Enrichment program is designed for academic departments and units that want to enrich the undergraduate learning experience unrelated to a particular class.  Sponsored Enrichment can provide partial financial support and help plan logistics for a visiting scholar, a speaker conducting a public lecture, an on-campus conference that provides undergraduate students an opportunity to present research, or departmental trip for majors that enhances the student experience in the discipline.  Host departments/units are expected to provide co-sponsorships to support the cost of the enrichment activity or program.

Academic departments and units that have requested Sponsored Enrichment support in the past have received:

  • Funding for speakers conducting a public lecture
  • Funding for transportation to a museum or site of interest for majors of a specific discipline
  • Assistance with contract arrangements for speakers and performers
  • Assistance with developing publicity plans for conferences, lectures, and other large events
  • Assistance with paperwork associated with trip waivers

Please submit your request for Sponsored Enrichment funds on the online application.  Requests are reviewed weekly during the academic year.

If you have questions, please contact us.