All faculty members on the New Brunswick and Piscataway campuses who wish to visit a museum, theatrical performance, or local attraction with their undergraduate classes or faculty members, departments, centers, units, or institutes that invite a lecturer to extend and enrich their students’ learning may apply for Educational Enrichment.


  • Classroom Enrichment is designed for faculty members planning an event or activity associated with a particular course during the academic year.  Educational Enrichment can support transportation and entrance fees for field trips and speaker fees including honorarium, travel, and lodging.  Sponsored Enrichment is designed for departments, centers, units or institutes planning an event that is designed for a broader audience of undergraduate students and not connected to a particular course.  Education Enrichment can provide partial financial support for field trips and speakers fees.  Host departments/units are expected to provide co-sponsorships to support the cost of the enrichment activity or program.
  • Funding for Education Enrichment comes from undergraduate student fees.  Enrichment requests for graduate students and their classes cannot be honored.
  • All applications are reviewed weekly by a faculty review board and evaluated on their merit and level of enrichment for undergraduate students.  Applications should be submitted at least four weeks prior to the date of the requested enrichment to allow the committee adequate time to review the request.
  • Typically, for each semester, the committee will consider the support of up to two enrichment activities per instructor per course.


  • Trips require completion of appropriate travel waivers and itinerary paperwork, which can be found on the Forms page. The itinerary must be sent to Cara Macaluso 24-business hours before the trip.
  • If transportation is approved for a trip, we will reserve and pay directly for a bus or provide you with appropriate NJ Transit tickets.
  • If Metro or taxi expenses are approved, we can reimburse the faculty member(s) responsible for the trip if itemized receipts are provided.
  • Buses can accommodate 54 passengers.  For many trips to locations easily accessible by train (for example, Newark, New York City, Trenton), we typically will consider bus transportation only when the group consists of 30 passengers or more.  Smaller groups granted transportation support will receive NJ Transit tickets.
  • For determining a budget, a range of $700-$1,000 is a fair estimate for a daily bus rental for a field trip in the New Jersey/New York area.  A round-trip NJ Transit train ticket for New Brunswick to New York is $28 per person.


  • If you are approved for theater tickets, we will attempt to purchase them directly from the theater.  A list of students committed to attending the performance is required for purchase and tickets will only be purchased for those who have committed in advance.
  • If museum or attraction admission is approved, we can reimburse the faculty member(s) responsible for the trip if itemized receipts are provided.


  • Visiting speakers receiving an honorarium must complete a W9 form for tax purposes.  If they do not possess a Social Security number, additional paperwork will be required depending on their country of citizenship and purposes for visiting the United States.
  • If approved, speakers will be paid through a lump sum speaker fee, which can cover costs such as honorarium, transportation, lodging, and meals.  Speakers are responsible for reserving their own transportation and lodging arrangements.
  • We cannot pay a speaker fee to individuals who are full-time employees of Rutgers University.