If you are seeking reimbursement for approved incurred expenses, please remember to keep the original, itemized receipts (and submit them preferably within two weeks of travel).  Did you lose your receipts?  If so, please complete the Lost Receipt Form.

Visiting speakers receiving an honorarium must complete a W9 form for tax purposes. If they do not possess a Social Security number, additional paperwork will be required depending on their country of citizenship and purposes for visiting the United States.

The Trip Planning Guide contains helpful information about planning an out-of-class excursion for your students.  Please note that all class excursions and field trips require completion of a trip itinerary form which must be sent to Cara Macaluso, Assistant Director of Educational Enrichment, 24-business hours in advance of the trip.  The relevant travel waivers must also be filled out by all students who will be attending the field trip and the waivers are kept on file for two years with your academic department.  To find the waiver form your students will need, please review the related links below.

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